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General Documents For All Applications

  1. Fill our Mortgage application form.
  2. Provide Sales agreement/draft sale agreement.
  3. Certificate confirming that the vendor has paid ground and land rates to city council.
  4. Pay Valuation fees based on the selling price and provide Instructions/consent for valuer to visit premises.
  5. Copy of title. For leasehold properties un-expired term on lease should be at least 30 years to redemption date.
  6. Opening of a Lengo savings account.
  7. If the account is joint, provide a marriage certificate.

Employed Persons - Purchase Of Existing/New House

  1. Copy of Kenyan ID or Passports.
  2. Copy of the KRA PIN Certificate.
  3. 3 months latest pay stubs - Originals or Employer Certified copies.
  4. 6 months latest bank statements - Originals or Bank Certified.(Salary account).
  5. Employment verification letter from Employer.
  6. Copy of utility bill e.g gas, phone or electric with current address.
  7. Letter of Introduction from your Real Estate Consultant.

Self- Employed Persons - Purchase Of Existing/New House

  1. Business registration certificate.
  2. Copy of latest annual returns.
  3. Audited accounts for last three years.
  4. Cash Flow projections for three years.
  5. A note giving brief history of business and nature of business.
  6. Projected Balance Sheet & Profit & Loss Statement for 3 years.
  7. Originals or certified copies (by bank) of bank statements for the last 6 months.

For Companies, the following additional details should be provided:

  1. Certified Copy of the Memorandum and Articles of Association. The power to borrow must be clearly specified.
  2. Board/Director’s resolution authorizing the borrowing.
  3. Certified copy of certificate of incorporation.
  4. Certified copy of the latest change of directors.
  5. The Company will require the director’s personal guarantees.

Construction Loans

  1. Provide building plans approved by the relevant local authority. Approvals over 2 years old must be renewed.
  2. Bill of quantities from a registered quantity surveyor.
  3. Copy of building contract agreement appointing the Architect, Quantity Surveyor and other service engineers specifying duration of construction.
  4. Copy of contractor appointment specifying the duration of construction, performance bond arrangements etc.
  5. Evidence of the project equity contribution.
  6. For incomplete and stalled projects, a brief write-up of the project’s history stating: The time taken, previous source of finance, original estimated costs and causes of the delay.

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