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Nakuru-Rental Property Boom

Nakuru Town has a population of around one million people. Two residential areas in the town — St Mary’s and Teachers — have experienced exceptional growth within the last five years.

Overlooking the up-market Milimani, St Mary’s and Teachers, two adjacent estates with no distinct boundary, are strategically positioned along the Nakuru-Nairobi Highway. They sprawl around Hyrax Hills, just opposite Section 58 of Nakuru.

These two boast a blend of the upper and middle class residential quarters but have a small informal settlement at the periphery.

The growth was steady and gradual, at least until four years ago when there was an influx after the 2007/8 post-election violence. Many displaced people sought refuge in Nakuru, which was seen to be relatively safe.

Initially, this area had many southern Sudanese residents, most of who have gone back to their country after the signing of the peace accord between the North and the South.

Russel Ouma, an administrator at Mount Kenya University (Nakuru campus), lives in St Mary’s and attributes the recent expansion to a number of learning and financial institutions that have opened branches in Nakuru, whose staff have sought housing in these estates.

"St Mary’s offers a relatively good deal,"Ouma notes of the serene estate whose proximity to town is an advantage.

St Mary’s and Teachers are coming up as well-planned estates compared to others in Nakuru. However, water flow has been affected by the avid construction.

Rents have also increased over a short period. Four years ago, one-bedroomed houses would go for Sh4,000 but now tenants are paying up to Sh7,000. At St Mary’s, rent has been dormant, only increasing by up to Sh1,000 in five years.

As population increases, provision of services can be a challenge.

Town Clerk, Kaio Mbulusi says the Nakuru Municipal Council is up to the task of ensuring there is efficient provision of services in not only the area but Nakuru as a whole.

Says he: "I foresee a population of 1.5 million people in Nakuru in four years time and we are planning how to improve service delivery.

source:The Standard
Posted on:26-Nov-2011 am30 5:34:06 am
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